Accelerate You

A 6 month one-on-one coaching program to take your next step up as a leader. 

Our 6-month personal accelerator is a one-on-one coaching program designed to help you slow down, listen to your intuition and understand your needs, learn mindset tools and implement systems for success to strengthen your personal and emotional resilience and thrive as a leader. 

  • Do you feel like you’ve been riding a roller coaster, one day is good, the next is bad and you’re finding it hard to have the motivation to keep going?
  • Do you ever feel like you're not living up to your potential? You know you have it in you to achieve your dreams but somehow you often fall short of what you know is possible. 
  • Have you ever felt anxious and stressed out by your work? Like you're running on fear and adrenaline and not knowing how long you can keep it up for before you burn out?
  • Have you ever experienced a gap between who you really are and the person you present to the world? Do you often put up a mask of the person you think you're supposed to be in order to be successful?
  • Do you feel like lots of people offer you advice but what you really need is personal support to lead fearlessly and navigate being a thriving leader?

Our curriculum, which is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and leaders focuses on helping you become strong, resilient and happy while creating your vision. We know that strong people build strong businesses and we want you to be your best self in the work place. We believe success starts inside of you so that's where our journey begins.

In this program we focus on 3 key areas – you, your mindset and tools for success.

We provide you with both the mindset and the skill set to succeed. You will gain greater self-awareness of your strengths, needs as a leader, your personal and business purpose and how they align, how to be an authentic leader, how to trust yourself and make courageous decisions, reduce work related stress and anxiety - learn tools used in positive psychology, strategies to minimize the roller coaster, implement powerful productivity systems and routines to ensure success personally and professionally.