A message from our founder:  

Hi I'm Alexandra Kinloch. I founded The Inside Academy because I was like many of my clients five years ago: ambitious, goal-oriented, yet unhappy, restless and burnt out. I quit my corporate job to become an entrepreneur and pursue the life that I thought I truly wanted. 

It all started with a business idea: a video app that would provide users a better experience on their smartphone. What was initially a project for my Innovation & Entrepreneurship Masters assignment became a real adventure: I met a business partner, won competitions and awards to fund the company and traveled the world while running a successful business. 

Along this journey, I met startup owners and ambitious leaders who seemed to be living their dream on the outside, but were completely lost in reality. Interacting with people who didn’t understand what they were doing and why they were doing it made me question my own “success.”

For years, I spent my energy trying to prove myself instead of being who I really am: someone who sees the best in people and wants them to reach their full potential. I finally realized that using my true gift would bring something new to the equation…and The Inside Academy was born.

My journey in the startup rollercoaster gives me a unique perspective on what leaders need to be balanced, productive, and happy individuals. Unlike many other coaches and entrepreneurs, I live what I teach. I believe that pursuing your true purpose doesn’t just make you a better person, it can make the world a better place. It starts with you!

Our mission: 

To inspire one million authentic leaders & entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves and have a positive impact on our world.

What we do

With a focus on leadership, business and personal development, The Inside Academy runs coaching programs and workshops that inspire confidence and clarity to entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams. 

Unlike other entrepreneurial or leadership programs, our holistic approach allows you to grow a more sustainable, impactful business in line with your personal and professional goals.  

We see the uniqueness, strength and passion in determined individuals like you. We help you see the bigger picture and unlock your inner resources to pursue the life you truly want.