Some kind words from our clients

Brieanne Traube, Director of Business Development, San Francisco

I came to Alexandra when I was trying to decide on what career path would be right for me and if I should be making a change. I knew that Alexandra had some great insight and experience into career changes and the important key factors for each individual and what matters to them. My experience during our work was fantastic! Lots of great thoughtful questions that have given me points to think on and some ways to structure my internal dialogue and priorities. I now understand my happiness and the things that bring me happiness can be simple but are also essential. I learned that I should be prioritizing my own happiness. I’ve been asking myself more if I really feel a certain way or just feel that I SHOULD feel that way - important distinction! I would absolutely recommend Alexandra.

Sara Heermann.jpg

Sara Heermann, Business & career coach, Denver, US

I enjoy our sessions so much, they've added so much value to my life and my career. I was an accountant looking to start a new business as a business and career coach. I loved your coaching style and the experience you had behind you. I felt like we connected very well and you would be able to push me forward. I’ve loved our sessions. This is exactly what I need to help me work through things so I know what my focus should be. I gain so much insight, clarity, and confidence from our sessions. Talking through everything reinforces my passion for this new venture and gives me the steps I need to make it successful.

Sonya Kleshik, Artist & Business Owner,

It's hard to believe it’s been well over a year since I started my work with Alexandra. I remember how lost and far away I felt from my vision and my dreams, and she, without my expecting or willing it, drew they out of me again with her deep listening, pointed questions and loving encouragement. She believed in me when I couldn’t, and reminded me to be gentle with myself as my path took all kinds of twists and turns - most of which were unexpected. In my frustration at my ‘lack of progress’ and my emotional fragility she often told me that I am where I need to be, and was  always right. I feel so much gratitude for all her support and guidance over this past year. I feel so much more on track, confident in my vision and my abilities to achieve it, and most of all, am learning to trust the process that has its own mysterious wisdom.  

Sammie Rayner, COO & Co-Founder,, San Francisco  

Alexandra has been an incredible coach. She understands that in order to grow your business, you have to grow yourself. Our coaching calls really help me work through barriers and focus in on what I need to do to get where I want to go. In addition to so much personal insight, my customers have double since we started talking… and she's definitely been a part of that! Highly recommended.

Alexa Cole, Career Coach and Facilitator, - Past board member of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

Alexandra is a natural facilitator and coach. She has a great balance of strategy (providing clear directions, worksheets, and import to the exercise), while also a very soothing and calming presence. She also led a very powerful visualization. I love working with leaders that have all of these skills and can help me feel supported and motivated to live out my goals! Alexandra was a facilitator for a retreat I organized for the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs of San Francisco. We hope to have her at more events in the future!

Leanne Toth.jpg

Leanne Toth, Seattle,, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

The Inside Academy coaching sessions empowered me to become more connected to my own needs and take care of myself instead of constantly trying to please others. Working with Alexandra helped me to reveal the strength to take time-off, heal and open up my life purpose. It’s about loving yourself first in order to know yourself and set yourself free from the obstacles in your way.


Jaja Valencia, San Francisco, US

Thank you, thank you! I feel like I can't thank you enough for your time. I am so grateful for it. The schedule has been helpful, and listing at least 3 priorities everyday has helped me on accomplishing the tasks that I need to do. I admire the work that you are doing, helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Thank you Alexandra! You're a beautiful person, inside and out!


Ellen Scheetz
Meike Hennon.jpg

Ellen Hohbach Scheetz, Coach, San Francisco, US -

Alexandra, Great workshop. Your delivery was empowering and gave people permission to do what was right for them. Your definitions of vision, mission, and purpose were insightful.




Meike Hennon, Co-founder, San Francisco -

I am a co-founder of an education company called Shinebright. We have been in existence for three years, the first year and a half was development and only have been selling our products for the last year and a half. We now have a line of developed products ready to sell. Our focus needs to be on marketing and sales, but only having two people working on this feels overwhelming. We knew we needed help to focus our time to be most productive.

I was familiar with Alexandra and her style of coaching. Her passion for helping people stay true to themselves and their passion in their business was extremely appealing to me. My co-founder and I had had a coach with a more antiquated style, that was more him talking to us about what we should know, versus, coaching us to grow our confidence in our abilities and tapping into our passions. We were looking for someone to help us build our confidence in ourselves, to help us find our focus and create a strategy to be as productive as possible. We also have an incredible passion for the work we do within education, we know this passion motivates us to work hard, we just needed someone to help us find a path to success. After getting to know Alexandra, we knew she would be able to help us.

Alexandra was able to quickly assess what our weaknesses were, what was holding us back from accomplishing all that we needed to get done and to help us determine what needed to take precedence. After determining our needs, she also was able to quickly help create a weekly plan, including four areas of focus and a time structure to make sure we hit each area. Between our sessions Alexandra held us accountable for what we had promised to undertake. She also heard us when something was not working and was able to help us easilycorrect and reorganize what needed to be changed. 

Alexandra listens and hears you and has many practical suggestions to help you get on track within your business. In only a few sessions we were able to clearly see where we needed to focus more, how we could divide our time to do that and also how to work most effectively. Alexandra has an innate ability to strategize and move you along in your business towards success.

Both my co-founder and myself walked away from our sessions feeling motivated, with a clear understanding of what needs to be done and a plan to attack that ever growing list of things to do. We feel ready to tackle some of our biggest challenges with a newfound energized focus.

Sharon Cox.png

Sharon Cox, Money Coach San Francisco, US

With clarity of purpose and process comes confidence.  The ideas to expand my business were coming fast and furious.  But I was missing a specific strategy to focus on. I knew I needed some fresh eyes and tough questions if I was going to make progress in my business. Alexandra has way of combining deep listening and probing questions that led me to breakthrough thinking. I now have clarity about where I’m headed, which made defining the steps that would get me there a natural progression. Along with clarity of purpose and process comes confidence.  There’s nothing like that feeling of assurance you are on track. 


Alexandra is a great coach. She prompted me to examine the areas of my life that would help me get to where I wanted to be, set goals and identify some simple and achievable steps to manifest them. When I first started speak to Alexandra I was between jobs after plans for graduate study fell through last minute. I spoke to her yesterday and was delighted to tell her that I had just been offered a job at my dream company in London! Alexandra helped me get into the right frame of mind to achieve my goals, and she held me accountable. I found her to be genuinely enthusiastic and encouraging and I hope to be able to engage her again in the future. I gained Clarity, vision, accountability.

Jessica, Sustainability Analyst , London, UK

Thank you so much for everything! You were so kind and generous with your time with me. I really appreciated your insight and advice. You're awesome!

Therese, San Francisco, US

Thank you so much, your questioning was incredibly thoughtful and you clearly have a strong understanding of the obstacles that small business entrepreneurs face.

Alex L, San Francisco, US

I was really impressed with what you had to say and the way you handled your workshop.

Bonnie, San Francisco, US

You have a real talent for this. You have a gift.

Nina, San Francisco, US